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pune under siege: a gorgeous indian sci-fi music video

A few months ago, I read Cyberabad Days by Ian McDonald, a collection of short science fiction stories set in the India of 2047. It explores and India of robots and avatars and biryani and chai, of border wars and water rajas, of holographic djinns, of arranged marriage and Nepali child goddesses, of inscrutable Indian politics simultaneously transformed and unchanged by fantastic technology.

It’s far too rare to see India interpreted through the lens of genre — I can only think of Cyberabad Days, Delhi Noir, and Conan O’Brien. Fortunately, BoingBoing recently posted another example: a District 9-esque music video for the band You Say Party. Gorgeous shots of what looks like Pune shattered by menacing mosquito-masked brownshirts chasing a girl and her Macguffin.

If you want to go deeper, here’s an interview with the director, and an interview with the artist who designed the costumes.

Does anybody have any other examples of India through the lens of genre? And I’m not talking about Outsourced.