portraits from Bangalore’s Krishna Rajendra Market

On my visit to Bangalore last month (as part of my Delirious Delhi book release tour), I wandered into the Krishna Rajendra Market. This multistory concrete structure, I quickly realized, is among the most picturesque markets in Asia.

I immediately reverted to Western Tourist Mode: I glued my camera above my gaping jaw and clicked my way through the drying chilies and pedal-powered sewing machines and the massive flower market on the ground floor.

And as I wandered, a vendor beckoned.

“Take my picture,” he said, smiling.

I did.

Other vendors and laborers watched. And then they waved me over with the same request.

Downstairs in the flower area, the same thing happened: one man beckoned…

…and then everyone else wanted their turn.

I have their addresses. The prints are in the mail.

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7 responses to “portraits from Bangalore’s Krishna Rajendra Market

  1. The first one is just beautiful. Well done.

  2. I love Delhi (and India generally) for portraits! So fun.


    Your first one is my favorite, too.

  3. That’s such a nice gesture! :-)

  4. Very nice. India is indeed one of the very interesting places to visit in Asia. I’m looking forward to visiting the country soon.

  5. Fantastic captures, Dave.

    I echo your sentiments regarding India. I feel the same way about Africa. I spent a few years in Mozambique. And, I miss it all too sorely.

  6. Lol! And really good photos.

  7. Dave, your blog posts are heart-warming reads… I wish you would keep writing about Delhi! :)

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